Host a Halloween Craft Night with our new Halloween Pottery Kits!

Pottery, Reinvented


Step 1

Get a Sculpd Pottery Kit and any extra clay bags and paint sets you need for friends and family. We recommend 1 clay bag per person (the kit contains two).

Step 2

Time to get stuck in! Take a look at our included step-by-step pottery guide to learn basic techniques to make your own pinch pots, bowls, plant pots, and whatever else your weird and wonderful mind can conjure up.

Step 3

We've tested them all to find the best British AIR-DRY clay - so no need for a kiln. Let your creations dry naturally for 24 - 48 hours. Once bone dry and light in colour, use our paint and waterproof glossy varnish to add the finishing touches.

Create your Halloween Tablescape

We've created a Halloween Pottery Kit with a seasonal paint palette and illustrated guide so you can make an autumnal tablescape that’ll look stylish all year round. 

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What's Inside a Sculpd Kit?

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As seen In

We were surprised at how therapeutic moulding wet clay into something new could be, and we can now see pottery making becoming a full time, screen free hobby.

Jess Denham, The Independent

Let your creativity run wild with this pottery kit from Sculpd. The kit contains everything you’ll need to create your very own clay creation, whether that’s a trinket dish, candle holder, coaster or vase.

Lauren Geall, Stylist

Clay is shaping up to be the next big thing for mindfulness and relaxation - a complete sensory experience that relaxes the mind by encouraging participants to detach from the digital world.

What To Do This Weekend, Sheerluxe

Succulent Pottery Kit

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Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

A special collaboration between Sculpd and Wool & The Gang.

Our plant hanger collaboration kit is a two-part craft lovers' dream experience. Sculpt your pot from scratch and then macrame a brand new swinging planter for it to live in.

Includes a video tutorial and step-by-step instructions for sculpting, painting and waterproofing your pot / crocheting your raffia planter.


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Colour Paint Sets

Classic Paint Set

A vibrant paint set rich in pigment. Create almost any shade by blending the colours together. The set includes an extra white to create pastel shades and a dark blue / black for mixing deeper shades and adding contrast.

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Pastel Paint Set

These uplifting pastel shades are ideal for Sculpdors looking for a softer, chalkier finish. Apply multiple coats for added vibrancy and top with the sealant in the kit for a glossy finish.

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Need More Clay?

Every kit contains enough air-dry clay for 2 people. If you're lucky enough to live in a house with more hands to feed, add an extra bag per person. There's plenty of tools and paint in the kit to go around.