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Pottery Reinvented™


Step 1

Get a Sculpd Pottery Kit and any extra clay bags you need for friends and family. We recommend 1 clay bag per person (kit contains two). 

Step 2

Time to get stuck in! Take a look at our included step-by-step pottery guide to learn basic techniques to make your own pinch pots, bowls, plant pots, and whatever else your weird and wonderful mind can conjure up.

Step 3

We've tested them all to find the best British AIR-DRY clay - so no need for a kiln. Let your creation dry for at least 24 hours. Now you can sand it down for a smooth finish ready for a lick of white paint. Please don't eat or drink from your Sculpd creation (it's not food safe without a kiln).

What's Inside?

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What's clay all about?

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Want More Clay?

Every kit contains enough air-dry clay for 2 people. If you're lucky enough to live in a house with more hands to feed, add an extra bag per person. There's plenty of tools and paint in the kit to go around.

Don't forget you can keep your new tools, paintbrushes and leftover paint for another clay day later on. Just order more clay!