Introduction to Pottery Course

Hosted by potter, teacher and artist Freya Bramble-Carter

About this Course

We've worked together with Freya Bramble-Carter to create the ultimate three-part Introduction to Pottery Course. Everything you need to gain confidence and make pottery a hobby.

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To navigate through the course playlist, tap or select the playlist menu from the top right of the video screen to view all the available sections of the course. If you would prefer to watch it from start to finish, the next video will play automatically after you finish a section. 

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Hosted by

Freya Bramble-Carter


A renowned ceramicist, artist and pottery teacher, Freya is especially known for creating contemporary vase designs, often strongly inspired by a balancing flow of femininity and masculinity. She has been featured in Vogue, and her work has been shown at Saatchi Gallery she has appeared as a guest judge on the The Great Pottery Throwdown.

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Subscription - Sculpd Pottery Kit Course
Subscription - Sculpd Pottery Kit Course
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Course Breakdown


Introduction, Learning and Theory

Welcome to the course, introduction to Freya Bramble-Carter, about Sculpd air-dry clay, benefits of working with clay and inspiration.


Getting Started

Unboxing (what’s in the kit), Freya provides a run through of what you will learn.


Getting to Know Your Clay

An exercise in getting comfortable with the clay, Freya teaches you to knead your clay, a bit about kneading techniques and getting rid of air bubbles.


How to Use Your Tools

Freya talks through how to use your tools with the clay and what each tool should be used for.


Handbuilding Basics

Freya teaches hand-building techniques. Includes follow along exercises teaching you hand-building basics and what to use them for.


Creating Your Piece

Freya shows you how to sketch out your designs to practise before you begin, create a vision of what you want your piece to look like and plan how you will make it using the hand-building techniques you learnt in section 1.


The Build

Build your vase along with Freya. Build the body of the vase, build the base of the vase, build the neck of the vase and build the handles.


Decorating & Adding Texture

Freya shows you how to add finishing touches, smoothing, decorating and addition texture.