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Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit
Candle Casting Kit

Candle Casting Kit

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Transform your clay creation into a wax candle in three simple steps.

Our new kit gives you the creative freedom to cast wax candles of any shape using a silicone mould of your clay creation. Create intricate designs and pieces in clay which can be perfectly recreated in wax. The kit includes all materials, tools and guidance you’ll need to get started creating beautiful wax candle castings.

How it works:

Step 1: Create your piece in clay

This kit comes with 650g of our smooth and supple air drying clay for you to sculpt any clay creation you'd like to cast in wax.

Step 2: Mould your piece with silicone

Using our fast-activating silicone (from liquid to a solid mould in just 1hr), create an exact mould of your clay creation. 

Step 3: Cast your wax candle

Melt and pour your soy wax into your new silicone mould, pop in a wick and leave it to set overnight. Peel back the silicone to reveal your completely hand-cast candle sculpture.

Whats in the kit?

650g Air Drying Clay

450g Soy Wax

300ml Silicone (Part A)

300ml Silicone (Part B)

25ml Fragrance oil

2 Sizes of Moulding Cup

Wicks, Mixing Sticks, Wick Centring Tool

Step-by-Step Illustrated Candle Casting Guide

Want to create more candles from the same Mould? Add extra wax bags to your order. Every additional wax bag comes with extra moulding cups and wicks.

Extra things you will need:

A craft knife or similar - to cut open the mould

Scissors - to trim the wick

A microwave - to melt the wax

A plastic tupperware - to use in the microwave

Choose Your Scent

Amber Lavender: A smooth fragrance of bergamot, lemon and lavender enhanced by basil and geranium.

Midnight Pomegranate: A musky blend of pomegranate and patchouli with a hint of blackberry.

Basil Citrus: The smell of picking lemons fresh from the trees in Italy. The sun streaming in through the kitchen window.

Candle Casting Kit Tips

Size - It’s important that your clay piece fits inside one of the sizes of moulding cup provided, so bear this in mind when creating your piece!

Surface - the smoother the surface of your clay creation, the smoother and shinier your candle will be, so focus on removing any of those cracks, creases, lumps and bumps to get the best results.

Finishing - part of the beauty of creating beautiful candles and sculptures in wax is how easy it is to touch up, smooth over and adjust your piece even after it sets. A little melted wax can be used to plug holes and sharp knife can be used to add the final details. 

Be sure tag us @sculpdit on Instagram so we can see your wonderful wax creations!

As always, the best creation each month will be crowned 'Sculpd of the Month' and will lots more Sculpd goodies to keep creating with. Stay crafty!