A Day at the Gallery

With Artist Emma Howell

In this Video

We spent a day with Emma at her gallery show in Gloucestershire. Watch her mark-making and layering as she builds a piece using our new abstract canvas painting kit.

Marcus Aitken


Marcus is a London-based artist with a gestural style and distinctive colour palette of swooping teals and bold pinks. He combines layers of distressing and blending to create cutting-edge abstract works. 

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Artist Q&A

We visited both of our featured abstract artists - Marcus and Emma - in their studio and gallery spaces to chat about inspiration...


Let's Get Loose

Learn how to paint expressively with help from one of our featured abstract artists


Make Your Mark

A live demonstration of artist Marcus Aitken painting our Make Your Mark exercises Pull, Sweep, Blend, Swipe, Scratch and Scribble in his studies book.


Colour Mixing

Your chosen palette contains five carefully selected colours, however with a little colour-mixing practice you can create many, many more.

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Painting Demo

Watch the full video of Marcus painting a feature piece for Sculpd from his home studio.


Artist Q&A

Q&A includes how they got started, finding inspiration, and knowing when to put the paintbrush down!

Hosted by

Emma Howell


Meet Emma, a Cotswold-based artist, whose vast body of work plays with a combination of bold washes of colour, organic compositions and raw mark-making.

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Large Abstract Painting Kit
Large Abstract Painting Kit
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