Sculpd Gift Card
Sculpd Gift Card
Sculpd Gift Card
Sculpd Gift Card
Sculpd Gift Card

Sculpd Gift Card

Sculpd Gift Card

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Sculpd Gift Card

If you’re looking for a creative gift for the crafty person in your life but you're short on time or you're not quite sure what they would choose, then our newly launched gift cards are a great option!

Whats so great about a gift card?

Our digital gift cards are delivered to you via email so there’s no such thing as leaving it too late. They also provide the luxury of choice!

If you’d like to gift someone an at-home pottery night for them to enjoy with their friends, but you’re not 100% sure how much clay they would need or which paints they would choose, then a gift card is the perfect crafty solution.

They can then order their combination of pottery goodies for themselves to an address that suits them, at a time that suits them.

What can they buy with their gift card

They can mix and match anything available on-site, but here are a few good examples of what can be bought with each card:

£40 Gift Card - A pottery kit (for two)

£60 Gift Card - A pottery kit plus their choice of either a pastel paint set, classic paint set or a candle making kit (for two)

£80 Gift Card - Ideal for 2-4 people. Some options:

1. Two pottery kits (for 3-4)

2. A pottery kit plus a paint set and a candle making kit (for 3-4)

£100 Gift Card - Great for pottery nights! A couple of options:

1. Two pottery kits plus two extra clay bags (enough for 6) 

2. Two pottery kits plus a paint set or candle making kit (for 4)

£150 Gift Card - Perfect for a full scale pottery throwdown! A couple of options:

1. Three pottery kits plus two extra clay bags (for 8) 

2. Two pottery kits + 3 extra clay bags + 1 paint set + 1 candle making kit (for 7)

They can also mix and match to their hearts content! We offer cacti and succulents for their new pots too - the choice is up to them :)



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